A New Playbook for Changing Millennial Tastes

On demand webinar recording from December 2016

For decades, consumer tastes have been changing in ways that demand more from the brands they consume. Consumer choice is not dictated by one isolated factor; instead, it is guided by a set of integrated features and behaviors throughout the value chain that signal real value to consumers. We've identified a set of features collectively known as L.A.T.T.E. - local, authentic, transparent, traceable, ethical - that is increasingly influencing how consumers choose to buy.

At the same time, traditional strategies for understanding consumer preferences haven't reinvented themselves to leverage today's technologies to identify shifting consumer preferences, and implement changes that speak to these evolving consumer values and demands.

Join Catalant and Research Now for a webinar that explores the Millennial imperative, a framework for understanding Millennial preferences developed from collaborative research, and tools for applying this framework in your own work.

Download this webinar and learn:

  • Why winning with Millennials is a must for consumer and retail brands
  • A holistic framework for understanding changing Millennial preferences
  • Tools teams can use to meet changing consumer preferences
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