Embracing the Agile Workforce

How New Talent Models Help Financial Services Businesses Compete and Thrive

The world of work has changed. Today, financial services talent managers must make their workforces as agile and efficient as their online banking apps and their robo-advising capabilities. Doing so requires a shift in thinking from more traditional, internal recruiting and retention models to new talent platforms that offer vetted global networks, niche expertise and project-based work.

To compete in a world of increasingly fast-paced disruption, financial business leaders must find new ways to identify and engage with the most talented and highly-specialized professionals. In this eBook we explore:

  • What’s driving this modern disruption in financial services
  • The challenges new workplace trends represent for the financial services sector
  • How incumbent financial services businesses can rethink old models and position their companies to embrace change and innovate more quickly
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