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6 Elements of a Flexible Workforce


The future of work arrived ahead of schedule, thanks to a global pandemic, new technologies, and changing demographics. Today’s business leaders are rethinking their workforces, with 60% telling researchers they expect fewer full-time employees in the future while relying more on temporary freelance consultants and contractors.

But without thoughtful policies and governance, these organizations can never realize the full benefits of the flexible workforce.

In this exclusive eBook, we share best practices from organizations that have tackled the challenges of the flexible workforce and how they were able to successfully integrate temporary talent into their strategic objectives to propel innovation, efficiency, and speed to market.

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Learn how Anheuser-Busch InBev, Shell, and Highmark Health are using the principles of a flexible workforce to accelerate strategy execution.

A flexible workforce enables leaders to tap into the skills and resources their organizations need to accomplish a goal at the right time, overcoming barriers like organizational silos, geographic distribution , and skills gaps. Learn how leading organizations are leveraging a flexible workforce to access, allocate, and reallocate the right people to mission-critical work.

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