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4 Foundations of a Flexible Workforce

Four Foundations of a Flexible Workforce

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Learn how Anheuser-Busch InBev, Shell, and Highmark Health are using the principles of a flexible workforce to accelerate strategy execution.

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This eBook is designed to help business leaders think through frameworks and best practices for creating and maintain a flexible workforce. Rather than create an overly-prescriptive guide that doesn't account for individuality, we focus on four foundations of a flexible workforce:

  1. A flexible workforce is expansive.
  2. A flexible workforce is cost-efficient.
  3. A flexible workforce is engaged.
  4. A flexible workforce is orchestrated.

Insights from the front lines

Inside this eBook, you'll also find practical insights on strategy execution gathered from many of Catalant’s Fortune 1000 customers, including Anheuser-Busch InBev, Highmark Health, and Shell. 

More specifically, these organizations utilize the principles of a flexible workforce to:

  • Access and deploy the right people to the right work
  • Enable a digital workplace
  • Engage employees across diverse functions and geographies
  • Build a system of operational clarity
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As companies of all sizes are inundated with rapidly evolving customer demands and market forces, accelerating innovation — which, for many, is synonymous with growth — is crucial.

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