Why the ‘new normal’ of business success demands a clear line of sight from strategy to execution

Originally recorded on Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Digital transformation and business success demand a clear line of sight from strategy to execution. Unfortunately, dynamic workforce changes and business silos exacerbated by mass shifts to remote and distributed work have obfuscated this line.

451 Research Senior Analyst Conner Forrest and Catalant co-founder and CEO Pat Petitti detail how investing in executive level visibility of business performance, organizational alignment and strategy can help your company dynamically deploy resources as needed to mitigate the daily friction that limits your business performance potential and improve execution on business outcomes.

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Conner Forrest

Conner Forrest is an Analyst with the Workforce Productivity and Compliance team at 451 Research. His areas of focus are content management, HR tech and corporate performance management. Before joining 451 Research, Conner worked as a senior editor with CBS Interactive, covering a variety of enterprise tech trends.

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Pat Petitti

Pat Petitti is the Co-Founder and co-CEO of Catalant Technologies, the market leader enabling companies to get from strategy to execution, faster.

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Coverage Initiation: Catalant matches internal employees and independent contractors to jobs and projects

In this report, Conner Forrest describes how Catalant “helps to manage multiple aspects of strategy execution” through a “centralized SaaS platform to help customers design and execute their business strategies, alongside an expert marketplace that connects resources and employee capabilities to the jobs and projects customers are working on.“

Effective strategy execution requires aligning your business objectives with the work that needs to be done and the people who can make it happen. Yet, according to 451 Research survey data, enterprise leaders cite “matching employee skills to business goals/outcomes” as the number one thing that would improve their management and deployment of capabilities on their teams.

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