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Cost Optimization From The Crow's Nest
How the Right Vantage Point Leads to Success

Cost optimization initiatives frequently fail because they are not closely tied to strategy. Top-down mandates, competitive myopia, functional silos, and short-term thinking inevitably lead to cost-focused initiatives that fail to generate real value.  But with the right vantage point, all of that can change.

Thomas Roberts hosts a LiveCast webinar in which he shares the unconventional wisdom he’s gleaned from decades of working with large organizations on critical initiatives.

You'll Learn:

  • 7 reasons why leaders are embarking on cost optimization
  • Core issues that cause cost optimization failures
  • 5 ways to change your perspective on cost optimization
  • A new approach that drives efficiency, innovation, and growth
  • Real insights gathered from some of the world’s most effective cost initiatives

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About Thomas Roberts

For more than two decades, Thomas Roberts has helped large organizations identify obstacles and opportunities to transformation, improve profitability, and deliver innovation. He’s worked in leadership roles at J.P. Morgan and Citigroup, as an executive advisor at CEB and was VP, Advisory Leader, EMEA Corporate Finance Practice at Gartner, where he led the organization’s response to Brexit.

He is currently Vice President of Worldwide Business Enablement and Insights at Catalant Technologies, Inc.

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